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best paintball guns

Best Paintball Guns (For your $$$)

by mcherch

Best Paintball Guns (For your $$)

Finding the best paintball guns are a challenging task & paintball is indeed a challenging sport! It has recently turned out to be one of the best part-time activities for lots of people who want to experience an exciting outdoor activity. Once you start playing on a regularly basis, it is better that you purchase your personal safety gear, along with choosing a paintball gun you feel confident with and which will also give you a more enjoyable time.
It is understandable that you may have no idea where to start with, while looking for a gun that shoots straight and fast. There is a lot to choose from, and a lot to know about them, the best paintball guns are the guns that will be the most suitable for YOU and YOU only, and be all you have looked for. Take your time and do your research well.

A Professional Choice

It is true that you may hear serious players talk about different ways of choosing a gun, so you can learn from them what make and model is the best, and if that particular mark and model is all they were looking for. You could go to those veteran players that are more than happy to give you a piece of advice, as if there is anything they love talking about, that’s their paintball guns.

Money does not have to be a problem

You should know from the very beginning that the best paintball guns may be quite expensive but they are sure worth it, especially if you are really into playing this game. It’s very important to get what you want, or even start with a common gun, and then work your way up to the special gun you want, as you become more experienced.There are guns that range up to thousands of dollars, so you may want to start with a gun that your feel comfortable to spend your money on.

Taking out a loan for this kind of gun is not what I advise you to do, unless there’s someone in your family that would loan you the money.Think about your style when you start playing it, and when you are out in the open. Paintball is a slow game but, as you become a regular and passionate player, your entire style will change to a more competitive one, and get faster as you see more of a challenge in this exciting sport.
You should start looking for a gun designed for speed as well as for performance.

Onto the list of the top 5 best paintball guns for your $$

#5 – Planet Eclipse ETEK5

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best paintball gunsBest Paintball Guns (For your $$$)Currently in its 5th generation, the New ETEK5 holds real to those very same fundamental concepts. It makes use of the finest products covered up in a bundle that uses exceptional efficiency, class-leading comfort designs and also a range of functions that make it an awesome suggestion at its rate factor.
The ETEK5 has actually attained this by making use of the trickle-down impact of functions as well as comfort designs from its class-leading premium brother or sisters. Its incorporated LPR setting up as well as SL4 inline regulatory authority guarantee the ETEK5 runs with extraordinary uniformity whilst using an extensive pitch in between the foregrip and also gripframe, offering the most comfy as well as secure capturing system feasible.
The ETEK5 factors precisely as well as normally whether snap-shooting or gunning and also running. Inside, the ETEK5 currently includes Zick3 innovation which presents a real 2-stage velocity account. The ETEK5 runs at a lot reduced stress contrasted to previous ETEK versions.

#4 Gamma Core the Etha2

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best paintball gunsOwned by the now-legendary Gamma Core the Etha2 is constructed to deal with the toughest of atmospheres. From hot warmth to freezing icy wastes, the extremely challenging composite outside building with aircraft-grade aluminium inside will certainly take whatever that also the roughest and also most requiring gamer could toss at it. On the area its stretched-out hold spacing, light weight as well as all-natural equilibrium make it simple to steer, all-natural to goal as well as incredible enjoyable to fire.Finally, it’s time for the Etha to get out of the darkness, and also start its Ethalution.

– Totally re-designed Etha2 system
– Powered by the Gamma Core spool shutoff drivetrain
– GRN composite external body
– Aluminium internal body core
– Single-piece GRN structure as well as foregrip
– Hose-less air transfer system
– STANDS OUT ASA setting up
– Lock n’ tons 9V battery system
– Tool-less grasp access/removal
– Wire-less structure to body connection
– DefTek countered feed
– Ambidextrous LED condition sign

# 3 – Tippmann Gryphon

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Best Paintball Guns (For your $$$)Best Paintball Guns (For your $$$)Enter the game with the Gryphon Paintball Gun from Tippmann.
The Gryphon includes a stiff front hold, 10″ ported barrel, and also blade trigger with a smooth trigger pull. Reputable, light-weight, and also portable layout paintball gun that is best for the brand-new gamer

– Interior gas line
– Tippmann’s Proven all steel in-line screw System
– Facility Feed style
– Inflexible, ergonomic composite body with strong inner Framework

#2 – Tippmann Cronus Basic Marker

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Proven, in-line screw style Interior gas line High-impact composite body Numerous Picatinny rails High-performance ported barrel Upright Grasp Front as well as Back repaired viewsbest paintball guns

– High-impact composite body
– Numerous Picatinny rails
– Inner gas line
– Upright Grasp
– Front and also back set views


#1 – Empire Paintball Axe Marker

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best paintball gunsDo not underestimate this gun, yet the pro gamers on the PSP tour who win with the Axe would certainly agree. The reality is, the Axe is a tried and

tested marker that wins events. Swing the Axe and cut down your opposition.

– Accurate, Lightweight, Light weight aluminum Barrel Strikes Your Target
– Distinct switch screw removal system for very easy upkeep
– Realm Relay Regulator/ASA with ON/OFF Bar Makes Tank Elimination a Wind
– Prolonged Hold Structure and also New Hold for Raised Comfort
– Numerous Flexible Shooting Settings (Semi, PSP Ramping, NXL, & Centuries Ramping).

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