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popular 80's movies

Top 5 Popular 80s Movies For Dudes

by mcherch

Top 5 Popular 80s Movies For Dudes

Back in the day the popular 80s movies were god. Good movies can bring out the preverbial good or bad inside all of us, we actually have no idea how much a movie in general affects us, but watching a good story unfold can sometimes feel like your favorite bourbon flowing down from your lips to your belly and you with a sense of well being, a buzz if I may.

Anyway, dude movies inspire us to do more with our lives, well maybe not rescue hostages from a Viet Cong prison camp in the middle of the jungle with a machine gun that Phil Pfister cant even lift (Phil is a former strong man champion if you didnt know who he is). I personally remember watching Forest Gump and thinking to myself, wow, I wish I were more like Forest… then I realized what was actually going on and it seemed as if he had some sort of mental disturbance, and he just got really lucky.

Well heres my top 5 picks for the most Popular 80s Movies for dudes (Except for maybe 1).

5. The Terminator:Popular 80s movies

Top 5 Popular 80s Movies For DudesOne of my favorite all time movies, schwarzenegger was truly mentto play the terminator. I still immitate his one liners from the movie, in fact, im going to record myself imitating him. “GET TO THA CHOPPAAH!” (i dont think thats from the original one but i still like saying that line…) And boy oh boy, that Linda Hamilton will always have a place in my heart. If you havent seen this movie yet, theres something truly wrong with you and your a hermit.

4. The Fifth Element
Popular 80s movies

Bruce Willis and Milla Jolovich, what a badass duo. Definately a classic movie, one of my favorite Bruce Willis films. It’s always really funny to see what people a decade or 2 ago thought the future was going to be like. Oh yeah, and the guy who played Kate Winslet’s asshole husband from Titanic is in the movie too. But what really makes it a great movie is good ole Bruce. See this movie if you havent.


3. Rambo – First Blood

Top 5 Popular 80s Movies For DudesTop 5 Popular 80s Movies For Dudes

Stallone is a beast. Truly. The first itme I sat down and watched Rambo, i couldnt get my eyes away from the TV. You actually go through the movie and feel bad for Rambo, I mean, he gets screwed every which way. Although theres a ton of action in the original, The 2nd and 3rd movies, I believe hurt first blood. Amazing movie, see it if you havent.


2. Die HardPopular 80s movies

Top 5 Popular 80s Movies For DudesAnother Bruce Willis masterpiece! John Mcclane is the most bad ass cop ever. It’s one of those action packed sloppy joe textured bullet riddled atomic bombshell popular 80’s movies. Die hard is certainly a houshold name, but so is Bruce Willis. No situation is too difficult for John Mclane, hes the only cop that can get out of a tight jam while eating donuts. SEE IT!

1. ScarfacePopular 80s movies

Hands down definately my favorite movie as far as gangster movies go. There is a genuineness about Al Pacino when hes in this role. Its about doing whatver it takes to make it. I mean, you can really get a positive message from this movie, follow your dreams, no matter what happens, dont ever give up, always strive to get to the stop…oh, yeah… I forgot, you cant get there by doing mounds of cocaine every night. But either way, Pacino is the best. SEE IT!!

 Thats the list of Popular 80s Movies for guys, now, I suggest you watch each of these movies and become more of a man. I mean thats why they were made, right?? And dont forget to shop our store for more manly items that you dont need.

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